Retail Stores

Please support our BC local retail stores, they support our sport and provide valuable resources. Experienced kiters know that establishing a relationship with a store is worthwhile.

Airtime Boardsports� (Vancouver)
North Shore Ski and Board
� (North Vancouver)
Bosun's Locker� (Victoria)
Kalena's Kite Repair
� (repairs only)
Comox Kite Repair� (Comox, repairs only)

Kite Schools, Instruction

We highly recommend that beginners take at least one lesson from a qualified instructor. These BC schools all have experienced instructors and consistently get positive reviews.
Elevation Kiteboarding, Marie� (Nitinat)
El Norte Adventures, Greg� (North Vancouver Island)
Strong Kiteboarding, Dwayne� (Nitinat)
Vancouver Kiteboarding School� (Vancouver, Squamish, Boundary Bay)
Squamish Kiteboarding School� (Squamish)